OVER OUR HEADS  Comedy troupe
Over Our Heads Comedy

Celebrating 25 Years of Improv, Comedy and Music 

Over Our Heads
Founded in Berkeley, California in the 1900's, OOH! Troupe members Teresa Chandler, Karen Ripley, Annie Larson, Marion Damon, and Pamela Stoneham still deliver the heartfelt, hysterical,  honest, laugh-till-your -face-hurts humor that sold out shows for over 15 years. .

Like lemmings, every now and then they gather together from wherever their lives have led them and run headlong and fearless over the cliff together into the free-fall of improv and laughter and storytelling and song. They say, "It's a Thelma and Louise thing; we know if we are in it together, the car will fly."
Thanks to all of you who joined OVER OUR HEADS in March 2010 for our 25 YEAR Anniversary Bash we had a blast!

Keep your eye on the calendar for other upcoming and surprise shows.

Thank You!
 to everyone who joined us for the 25th Anniversary Bash!
We wish we'd had the time to talk to you all. Please stay connected with us; we hope to see you at another show soon!